Thyrm CLENS 31 Lens Protector

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Thyrm CLENS 31 Lens Protector (CLS002)

CLENS (pronounced “cleanse”) is a set of heat-resistant clear polymer circles, cut to fit on a wide range of flashlight and weapon-light lenses. Each CLENS protects the lens from carbon and other debris that can build up during firearms training. CLENS can be removed to quickly clean a light, rather than having to apply Vaseline before shooting, replace a lens, or risk abrasion with lens cleaners.

This size chart shows the four models of CLENS sheets and the corresponding count and sizes of CLENS on each sheet.

CLENS Compatibility Table

Each CLENS’ mild adhesive backing has a higher affinity for polymer than glass. Attach and position easily, without leaving adhesive on clean glass. However, adhesive may stick to a dirty or damaged lens; in this case, touching the sticky side of CLENS to any residual adhesive should remove it from the lens.

CLENS was made in collaboration with Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics / Sage Instruments.

* Follow all firearm safety rules at all times. Detach lights from firearms prior to installing, removing, cleaning, or replacing the CLENS.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.