Thyrm Cellvault -5M Multicam Storage

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Thyrm Cellvault -5M Multicam Storage (CV5MHxxx)

The CellVault-5M Modular Battery Storage is customizable protection for all the lithium-ion batteries you need in the field. The case includes 6 modular inserts for most user’s needs.  Extra inserts are available in the Modular Insert Pak (with 8 additional inserts for all battery combos including AAAs and 1632s).  You can order “With 3 Patches” to receive one each of a CR123, 18650, and 18350 labeled patch in black or tan.  “With 4 Patches” provides one each of a CR123, 18650, 18350, and AAA labeled patch in black or tan.

The CellVault-5M Modular Battery Storage provides a safe haven for the batteries you rely on the most; high-drain cells that power your critical flashlights & gear. Whether you need CR123’s for a helmet light or NVGs, 18350’s for your pistol, 18650’s for your rifle, or AAA’s for your electronic ear protection, the CellVault-5M can be configured to carry exactly what you need and keep cells safe, dry, and attached to your gear. Always be ready for that critical reload away from base.

The CellVault-5M Modular Battery Storage Features:
  • Modular inserts included for 18650, 18350, CR123 batteries
  • Extra wells for CR2032 batteries
  • Waterproof gasket seal
  • Integrated straps for attaching to MOLLE/webbing
  • Lockable over-center latch
  • Durable premium polymer construction

Move the modular inserts to best fit your needs.  Modular inserts can even be inverted to differentiate between charged and dead batteries.  The CellVault-5M comes with inserts to fit the following batteries: two pairs of CR123 (or two single 16650s), three single 18650s, and one trio of 18350s. Four wells for CR2032 batteries are always present on the CellVault-5M wall.  You can purchase a Modular Insert Pak, giving you additional 18350, 18650, and CR123 inserts, as well as AAA and 1632 inserts.

The CellVault-5M comes with adhesive Velcro® that can be placed on the front of the case.  If you’d like to label what batteries are in your case, you can add Battery Patches to your order.  Purchasing them with your CellVault-5M gives you an automatic discount.* Patches come in sets of three or four with a tan or black background.  Tan patches have a lower visual signature, and black patches are more vibrant.  Each patch in the set of three has one of the following labels: CR123, 18650, or 18350.  The set of four patches also includes the AAA patch.

CellVault-5M cases are not rated for prolonged submersion or diving.

Hydrodipped CellVault-5M cases come with a durable MultiCam® coating. Three colors of MultiCam are offered: MultiCam Black, MultiCam Tropic, and MultiCam.

Thyrm does not provide batteries in any of their products.

Designed and made in the USA.

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