Operation Parts Donates Rifles to Alliance Police Dept and Range

Aug 14th 2015

Operation Parts Donates Rifles to Alliance Police Dept and Range


Operation Parts Donates Rifles to Alliance Police Dept and Range

Alliance Ohio and Linden Michigan- Aug, 12th 2015 – To support training and education available to law enforcement and first responders OperationParts.com has donated 4 AR-15 Rifles for use during training, operations, and continued education.

Officer Joseph Weyer Director of Training at Alliance says, "The Alliance PD range is a first class training facility used by multiple law enforcement agencies to train and educate civil servants on best practices, focused on safety for teammates and civilians alike."

"Donations like these rifles from Operation Parts allow us to focus our budget on instructors and improvements, instead of spending money on the latest in weapons technology. In short we are lowering our operations costs while increasing the quality of the training experience."

Operation Parts best known for it’s wide assortment of Knight’s Armament products is the premier destination for law enforcement, trainers, and responsible citizens when purchasing, upgrade or fixing their weapon system.

Chuck Sholl the owner of Operation Parts had this to say.

“Operation Parts strives to support those who put themselves in harms way by supplying them with the highest quality parts available. In addition to offering military and LEO discounts, we support multiple training facilities and instructors. Through our support of the Alliance PD range and other outlets, our goal is to ensure that those who want to train can do so.”

Operation Parts is a long time supporter of MDFI and Sentinel Concepts, Michigan ACTS shoots,3 gun matches, and many other events. These sponsorships allow Operation parts direct feedback from customers as well as the ability to better serve the community.

“It is our hope that through our sponsorships and donations more people will come appreciate the shooting sports,” says Chuck.

If you're interested in Alliance PD Training check out available courses through Sentinel Concepts as well as Pat Rogers. To purchase top tier parts, accessories or weapons from Operation Parts check out their website at www.operationparts.com