PRI-Precision Reflex 0.750" Diameter Low Profile Adjustable Steel Gas Block

Precision Reflex
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The low profile Adjustable gas block for .750 diameter barrel is constructed of 1141 high strength steel with a magnesium Phosphate finish. Gas block #8-32 adjustment set screw. The gas block held in place by 2 10-32 set screws. The block is 1.38" tall 1" in length and is .625" from bore center to gas tube. It is .920 in width and comes with a roll pin.  From the back of the gas block to the gas port hole is .250.  This leaves .035 between the back of the gas block and most steps in the barrel.  This is for installing of the A2 style hand guards.  So there should be a .035 gap between the barrel step and the gas block.  This can be filled with spacer or leave empty.