Modlite TCC Tailcap (Scout WML)

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Modlite TCC Tailcap (Scout WML) (TC-WML)

The Modlite E-Series Tailcap Switch is FDE HA Type III Anodized.  It features a recessed shroud which helps to prevent accidental activation. It also uses a forward clicking McClicky switch for momentary and constant on operation.

The Tailcap fits Surefire® E-Series Bodies as well as Modlite 18650/18350 and Arisaka M300/600 Bodies.  

It may or may not fit other E-Series bodies not produced by Surefire®.

*Due to the chemical process that takes place during Type III Hardcoat, the final finish can vary slightly from part to part (even parts done in the same batch).  Therefore, your light may vary from one to the next, and may vary slightly from the photos shown online.