KAC-Knight's Armament MK12 / MK18 RAS Front Folding Sight

Knight's Armament
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KAC-Knight's Armament MK12 / MK18 RAS Front Folding Sight (99051)

Originally designed for the US military's SOPMOD rifle enhancement program, the KAC M4 Folding Front Sight is a low-profile backup sighting solution that is designed to be attached to the top rail of a rifle's handguard. When stowed in the folded position, the M4's sight base extends back to envelope the front sight leaf on the right and left side, helping to protect it from damage. 

Mounts to any free-float handguard. Flip-up sight stays down out of the way when using optics, yet is easily flipped up.  The sight is held in position with a spring detent.  It does not lock in the up or down position so there are no buttons to push to deploy or store it, just flip it up or push it down. 

The Black iron sight is the same one used on the MK12 Mod 1, the Taupe is the sight used on the MK18 rifle.

*Color varies from batch to batch on the Taupe sights