Surefire SR07 Remote Dual Switch For WeaponLights, 7"

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Surefire SR07 Remote Dual Switch For WeaponLights, 7" (SR07)

The SR Remote Dual Switch provides remote activation for any SureFire WeaponLight with a switch socket. Two switches—a momentary-on pressure pad switch and a constant-on pushbutton switch—are integrated with a snap-on clamp for easy attachment to your firearm's Picatinny rail forend.

When choosing an SR switch model, the two digits after the "SR" indicate the cable length in inches. The seven-inch cable length works with most rifle/carbine applications, the five-inch can be used when excess cable is not desired.

Fits: Millennium Universal, Classic Universal, Scout Light with socketed tailcap, and X200, X300, and X400 with XT tailcap

  • Provides remote momentary-on and constant-on WeaponLight activation
  • Switch platform clips to Picatinny rail without tools
  • Weatherproof switches and plug
  • Cable Length: 7"