Samson Field Survivor FS-002: AR-15/M16 Tool Kit inside your Magpul grip

$119.00 $84.99
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For Magpul MIAD and MOE Pistol Grip Imagine having every tool you need to get your AR back in service, right from your pistol grip. The Samson Field Survivor is a multi-tool system that stores inside the AR Magpul MIAD and MOE pistol grip. (NOTE: Magpul grip not included with tool.) The Samson Field survivor contains: * Broken shell extractor * Wire brush for bore cleaning * Ampule for oil for one field lube, * Cable to pull the brush through the bore * Carbon cleaning tool * Flat blade screwdriver * Feed lip adjustment tool * Gas key cleaning tool * Cotter pin hook * Strike Plate * Front sight adjustment tool. * Magazine feed lip gauge The Field Survivor tool is the one tool necessary for every AR to keep you safe in Combat, or in play on the range. The Field Survivor FS-002 fits Magpul MIAD and MOE Pistol Grip.