PHASE 5-AR15 Complete Pistol Buffer Tube Assembly


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Phase 5 Tactical™ AR-15 Pistol Buffer Tube Complete Assembly. Includes: Buffer tube, Spring, Carbine Buffer, Mil-Spec End Plate, Mil-Spec Castle Nut and Foam Rest Pad. Details: -CNC machined aluminum buffer tube to fit MIL-Spec carbine buffer and spring. -Hard anodized MIL-Spec type III black finish. -Machined lower slot to accept all Mil-Spec end plates and sling mounting accessories. -Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer Spring. -Standard Mil-Spec buffer. -Mil-Spec end plate and castle nut. -The Buffer Tube Foam Pad is made from NPVC also known as NBR or Nitrile. This is an all round great performing material and economically priced. Nitrile rubber is resistant to oils and fuels with good abrasion resistance and high tensile strength. This is a very stable organic compound where the functional unit is a Carbon atom bonded to a Nitrogen atom with a triple bond. Typically what causes rubber to break down is ozone. In our NPVC foam, antidegradants are used to improve the resistance to the effects of ozone and UV light. NPVC has good resistance to compression set, the temperature range of this foam is –20F to +220F. -For AR15 Pistols Only- *MADE IN USA*