Magpul Polymer MOE Handguard, Rifle Length, 12.57 in

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The Magpul MOE Hand Guard for AR15/M16 rifles with rifle-length 'direct impingement' or external-piston gas systems combines the light weight of a standard hand guard with modular flexibility. Slots at the two, six, and ten o'clock positions allow for optional mounting of Picatinny rail sections for tactical lights and other accessories. Reinforced, heat-resistant polymer construction provides operational durability without the weight and expense of an aluminum rail hand guard. Front extensions and lower lip provides additional operator protection from hot front sight assembly. Made in U.S.A. Features * Replaces standard M16-type rifle-length hand guards * Easy to install utilizing existing triangular or round front hand guard retaining cap and delta ring * Slots at the two, six, and ten o'clock positions for mounting MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails * Reinforced, heat-resistant polymer construction * Integral riveted aluminum heat shield * Front lip and side extensions, shields hand from hot gas block * Compatible with 'direct impingement' and most external-piston gas systems * Relieved area at the top rear accommodates most overhanging optic mounts Optional Accessories * MOE Polymer Rail Sections (5, 7, 9, and 11 slot lengths available) * MOE Illumination Kit * MVG - MOE Vertical Grip Specifications * MOE Hand Guard, Rifle-Length o Weight: 12.13 oz. o Length, overall: 12.57 in. o Length, mounting: 12.00 in. o Height, excluding lip: 2.45 in. o Width, max: 2.22 in. NOTE: The MOE Hand Guard – Rifle-Length is a direct replacement for factory-type M16 handguards and utilizes the existing front hand guard retaining cap and delta ring.