Magpul MIAD AR-10/SR-25 Grip Wedge, Black

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The MIAD Grip Wedge™ is designed to supplement the Magpul® MIAD™ grip system for AR-10® / SR-25 applications. Flexible thermoplastic construction provides proper detent spring support and conforms to the larger receiver geometry of these weapons for a streamlined appearance. Made in USA Features Ø Fits AR-10® / SR-25 type applications Ø Provides streamlined appearance for B2 and B3 back-strap configurations Ø May be adjusted to fit flat B1 back-strap configuration Ø Made from durable black Santoprene™ thermoplastic rubber Ø Not compatible with Magpul® MOE™ grips AR-10® is a registered trademark of Armalite Inc. Santoprene™ is a trademark of Exxon Mobile Chemical