MAGPUL DYNAMICS The Art Of The Tactical Carbine II, 2nd Ed, 4-Disc Blu-ray Set

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Taking carbine operation to the next level, The Art of the Tactical Carbine Volume II 2nd Edition features over five hours of actual live fire class instruction and additional instructional material in a high-definition 4-disc Blu-ray set. Instructors Travis Haley and Chris Costa present an informative and exhilarating Dynamic Carbine class that focuses on pushing your failure points and finding the perfect balance between speed and accuracy. Using real advanced shooters from the firearms industry, law enforcement SWAT, and military special operations, this Blu-ray set will show that no matter what level of the game you're in you always have the ability to excel. Replacing the original The Art of the Tactical Carbine Volume II, this 2nd Edition set is fully remastered with additional footage in stunning high-definition. Four discs, Blu-ray/HD, Region ALL, total running time of 334 min. DISC ONE (91 min) Day 1 Course Safety Brief Zeroing Loading Dynamic Kneeling Dynamic Prone Check Drill Low Squat/High Squat Supine Weapon Side/Reaction Side Urban Prone Shooting Over a Barricade Bonus Feature Life Safety Rules DISC TWO (86 min) Days 2 & 3 Course Off Line of Attack Malfunctions Moving Drills Barricade Switch Drills Day 3 Course Intermediate Range Drill Dynamic Mindset Drill Facial Recognition Conclusion DISC THREE (70 min) Quick Reference Drills Reality Check Outtakes More From Magpul (Trailers) DISC FOUR (87 min) Gear Breakdown M4 Variations Optics Suppressors Muzzle Accessories Weapon Lights Slings Load Carriage & Body Armor BSA Drills