KAC-Knight's Armament SR-16 CQB Gov’t Spec Upper Receiver

Knight's Armament
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Government Contract EVAL Upper Receiver Groups.

These uppers run 11.5” Cold Hammer Forged 1/7 Chrome Lined Barrels inside a URX 3.1 Free Float Handguard System , panels included. NT4 Flashhider Muzzle Devices on the front end and the E3 Enhanced Bolt carrier group running with an extend latch KAC charging handle inside. Topped with the KAC Micro Front and Rear Sights, ranged out to 600 meters.  These uppers have been through a 125 round evaluation, as such, they may show minor handling marks.

These government contract CQB uppers, for SBR’s and AR pistols, represent a specific vision of use from the end user. More compact than the USGI M4A1 while sacrificing as little as possible in terms of terminal ballistics, these tested uppers are spec’d to provide mobile/vehicle personal security and close quarters interior defense with superior mobility and end user configurability over legacy platforms.