GG&G XDS-2 Tactical Bipod

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The XDS-2 Tactical Bipod Over the last several months we have been asked by our customers to develop a new Extreme Duty Bipod that had all of the standard features of the XDS Bipod that we supply to the United States Military--and a few more. Specifically; a head that pans or swivels, provide a system that would allow the bipod legs to lock forward at a 45 degree angle for difficult terrain, and provide rubber feet that would grip more surfaces and be replaceable. We listened, and are now producing the GG&G XDS-2 Tactical Bipod with those specific additional features and a few more. XDS-2 Tactical Bipod Technical Specifications: Extremely rugged construction. Tool-Less installation. The XDS-2 Tactical Bipod has 20° degrees of panning capability to the left and right of the center position. Panning mechanism has an easy to operate thumbnut tension adjustment. The Tactical Bipod has 25° degrees of canting capability each side of center. Canting mechanism has an easy to adjust thumbnut tension adjustment. Easy to operate elliptical thumbnuts are used at all adjustment points. Silent spring lock leg deployment capability. The Bipod legs can be folded and locked in a full forward position, deployed and locked in a 45° degree forward position, or deployed and locked in the standard straight down position. When the XDS-2 Tactical Bipod legs are deployed and locked in the 45° degree forward position to accommodate terrain conditions, the Bipod is 6" tall. When the Tactical Bipod legs are deployed and locked in the straight down position they can be independently adjusted from 8" to 10.25". The legs of the XDS-2 Bipod can be used as a vertical grip. The XDS-2 comes standard with tough rubber all weather and all terrain feet. The feet are replaceable. Manufactured from aircraft quality 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy with extreme duty connection points and fasteners. All aluminum components are bead blasted and Type III hard anodized per mil-spec in a non-reflective matte black combat finish. Weight: 15 ounces