GG&G Slic Sling And Flashlight Combo Mount For AR-15 A Frame Front Sight

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Tactical slings have become an important element of the state-of-the-art urban rifle system. Eventually, your shoulder-mounted weapon will fail and you will have to transition to your sidearm. That’s a given, like it or not. A tactical sling permits you to remove both hands from the rifle and draw the pistol without losing control of your primary weapon system. Today, most operators want these slings attached high to the left side. Our Sling-and-Light Combo mount (“SLIC”) designed by former Navy Seal Chris Carraci accommodates this requirement, as well as responding to another, equally important factor in the modern urban rifle equation; the addition of a tactical flashlight. No accessory you can add to your urban rifle, shotgun or submachine gun is more important than a flashlight specifically designed for use with fighting firearms. Goblins like to move at night, and not necessarily when the moon is full. With the addition of the GG&G one inch mounting ring as shown in the above photograph, the SLIC will accommodate most of the excellent one inch diameter flashlights available today. The SLIC mount provides the operator with a tactical sling swivel on the left side and a rail to mount a flashlight on the other side. Manufactured from 4140 billet steel with a black manganeese phosphate non-reflective matte black military finish, the combat tested SLIC has a Colt-type 1¼-inch sling swivel on the left side and a 1½-inch long black Type III hard-coat anodized 6061 T6 billet aluminum alloy rail for attaching the flashlight on the right side. The light is positioned at one o’clock, the location preferred by most experienced operators to maximize the tactical advantage during dynamic room entries. This unit is attached to the AR15/M16S “A-frame” front sight assembly, and mounted high in this manner completely eliminates “rifle roll.” Robust and rigid, the SLIC is held in place by counter pressure socket head cap screws. Flashlight and mounting ring not included.