GG&G SCAR Enhanced Charging Handle

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Fits The MK16, MK17, MK16S And MK17S The SCAR Enhanced Charging Handle: The location and configuration of the SCAR reciprocating charging handle can sometimes be a major problem--especially if you are mounting optics with a QD lever system. Your knuckles will take a beating for sure. The GG&G SCAR Enhanced Charging Handle is angled downward so that it saves your knuckles when you charge the SCAR and clears all of the optics mounting hardware that we have tested. SCAR Enhanced Charging Handle Specifications: Hassle Free installation. Will fit the SCAR models: MK16, MK17, MK16S and MK17S No more busted knuckles! The Improved SCAR Charging Handle is angled to move the shooters hand away from the top rail and optics mount. The SCAR Enhanced Charging Handle can be mounted angle down or angle up. Care should be taken when installing the SCAR Charging Handle in the angle up position. Make sure the charging handle clears all accessories before operating the SCAR. Can be mounted on the ejection port side or non-ejection port side. Easy to grasp-even with a gloved hand. No-Snag design. Manufactured from 4130 ordnance steel. Manganese phosphated in a non-reflective combat finish per mil-spec