GG&G Agency Rear Sling Adapter, Looped For HK Hooks, Heavy Duty Right Hand

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The newly redesigned Agency Rear Sling Adapter For Collapsible Stocks offers the end user a more consistent fit than our earlier version. Recently some of the recoil tubes being produced are smaller in diameter than the originals. With our new design securely fastening onto the castle lock nut, various size recoil tubes are no longer an issue. Tactical Slings attached to the AR15/M16 Carbine at a single mounting point, without the use of the front sling swivel, are very popular in both military and law enforcement special operations circles. Tactical Sling Adapter systems permit the operator to mount the weapon on either the primary or offside shoulder. As a result, during dynamic entries it becomes easier to "slice the pie" at doorways and move around corners, whether they are on the right or left side, without "telegraphing" the operator's presence. In addition to accommodating a single mounting point, the GG&G Agency Rear Sling Adapters can also be used to attach a conventional sling in conjunction with the front sling swivel. A significant advantage of this set up is that expanding or collapsing the buttstock does not affect the sling length. If you wear body armor, a tactical vest or a jacket, you no longer need to re-adjust the sling length due to the extra apparel. Certain agencies have established policies indicating that if a tool needs to be used to remove a part of the weapon to install a new accessory it cannot be done unless the gun is sent to the agency's armorer or gunsmith for the installation. This has caused a problem for some agencies do to time constraints and the absence of local agency armorers. GG&G developed the Agency Rear Sling Adapter to assist the agencies with this issue. The GG&G Agency Rear Sling Adapter only requires that the rear assembly of the collapsible buttstock be removed. No tools required. The adapter then slides over the tube and, once in proper position securely tightens around the castle lock nut as shown in the photos. Manufactured for professional use from steel. A 9/64"wrench is included for your convenience. Sling mounts and side sling adapters are manufactured in the USA at GG&G's Tucson Arizona factory.