Noveske 18" SPR 5.56mm Barrel With Pinned Gas Block And Gas Tube

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The Intermediate length gas system is 1.5" shorter then the rifle length gas system. The barrel ships with gas block installed. This barrel is designed for our gas block that is 1" long(INCLUDED). A standard front sight base is 1.9" long and WILL NOT FIT. Barrel installation should be performed by a qualified gunsmith. Installation of the gas block dowel pin and gas block is required to complete the assembly process. 18" SPR 5.56mm Stainless Barrel --1 in 7" twist improved polygonal rifling --5.56 Noveske Match Mod 0 chamber --Extended feed ramps --Bead blasted finish --Intermediate length gas system --Gas tube --Pinned Low Profile Gas Block --1/2x28 threads --Medium Contour Weight: 38oz