Noveske 16" 300 AAC Backout Barrel With Pinned Gas Block And Pistol Gas Tube

(You save $22.75 )

16" 300 Blackout stainless barrel --1 in 8" twist rifling --300 AAC BLACKOUT chamber --Extended feed ramps --Bead blasted finish --Pistol length gas system --Gas tube --Pinned Low Profile Gas Block --5/8x24 threads --Medium Contour Weight: 31oz

The Noveske 300 AAC BLACKOUT is designed to run optimally firing both subsonic suppressed and supersonic unsuppressed, while keeping supersonic suppressed reliable. It may not reliably cycle the action under adverse conditions with subsonic ammunition unless a silencer is attached. We recommend supersonic ammunition for Military, Law Enforcement, and Self Defense use without a silencer.

Barrel installation should be performed by a qualified gunsmith. Installation of the gas block dowel pin and gas block is required to complete the assembly process.