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Magpul Dynamics™ Precision Rifle Quick Reference Cards

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    The Magpul Dynamics Precision Rifle Quick Reference Cards offer the shooter a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of marksmanship, quick reference range estimation sheets, checklists for building shooting positions, aids for the observer, and aids for reading wind. Using the same density altitude system and rugged, all-weather, erasable material as the Precision Rifle Data Book, the Quick Reference Cards offer streamlined access to your rifles' elevation and wind data. 

    Intended for use as a medium to transfer data for a given rifle from the Precision Rifle Data Book to these cards for use in the field. Conveniently sized for use in an arm board, your data will always be within reach.  Ring not included.

    Made in U.S.A.



    • True all-weather, semi rigid writing surface
    • Recorded material is erasable with alcohol
    • Mil based range estimation calculator
    • Marksmanship fundamentals overview and Shooter/Observer checklists
    • KD Data sheets from -5000 to 16,700 feet DA
    • Wind Cues
    • Reticle Hold worksheet for BDC based reticles
    • 3 1/8" H x 5 1/8" W
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    • Magpul Dynamics Black Book Series Introduction -Rifle Data Book & Quick Reference Cards
      The Magpul Dynamics Black Book series The Black Book series w...

    Magpul Dynamics Black Book Series Introduction -Rifle Data Book & Quick Reference Cards

    The Magpul Dynamics Black Book series The Black Book series will be a collection of knowledge and education-based publications from the Magpul Dynamics crew. Each release will cover a different reference or informational subject, and they will dovetail into some of the upcoming video projects that we have on the way. The first two installments in the series are the Magpul Dynamics Precision Rifle Data Book, version 2.0, and the Magpul Dynamics Precision Rifle Quick Reference Cards. Most of the books in this series, as with these two, will be printed on a rugged, weatherproof, semi-rigid material that can be used with map pens, pencils, non-permanent markers, or grease pencils, and can be erased with an alcohol pen or any alcohol based liquid, and then re-used, but remain waterproof until intentionally erased. The Data Book is based on dividing firing data into bands of density altitude. The cards are filled out by the user based on your preferred ballistic solver calculations for a centroid altitude for each band, the data is verified on the range, and then in use, you can simply refer to the color-coded density altitude chart to see which color card and data that you need to use. The Data Book includes pages for cold bore or night optic tracking logs, known distance, unknown distance with field sketches, moving targets, point of impact shift with suppressors or ammunition changes, and general note pages. The Quick Reference cards are sized perfectly to fit in sleeve pouches or most commander or quarterback armboard mounts, and are based on the same density altitude color code system. The firing solutions from the data book are simply copied onto the QR cards, which are then easily referenced in the field. The QR cards also contain useful information like Mil ranging cards, wind estimation, firing checklists, observer dialogue, reticle holds, and note cards. Both the data book and QR cards can be secured with aviator checklist rings, 550 cord, zip ties, or binder rings through pre-punched holes according to the user’s preference. We’ll have a lot more information on all of the neat features in these two products in upcoming productions, or you can learn that and a whole lot more in a Magpul Dynamics precision rifle course. The MSRP for the Data Book is $49.95 and the Quick Reference cards are $19.95. Both products are currently shipping and available at and through dealers and distributors.
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