Knight's Armament URX 4, 10.75" length

KAC - Knight's Armament URX 4 IBN Rail 5.56mm 10.75" Length


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    URX 4 Forend Assembly, 10.75" Length

    The KAC URX 4 Rail is a fully modular design that utilizes the revolutionary KeyMod accessory mounting system. The URX 4 Rail is stronger and more stable than previous URX designs due to its one piece construction. It is also lighter due to its Integral Barrel Nut (IBN) system of attachment. The IBN system allows the rail itself to act as the barrel nut when torqued onto the rifle, completely eliminating the need for a separate steel barrel nut. KeyMod accessories may be mounted anywhere along the URX 4’s length, making it one of the most user configurable designs on the market. The URX 4 includes two QD sling swivel sockets, one on the left side and one on the right.


    • Length: 10.75”
    • Weight: 10.2 oz
    • Inside Dia: 1.55”
    • Outside Dia: 1.68” (Side to Side)

    Each URX 4 Rail comes complete with an installation wrench, shim kit and instructions. Other lengths available include 8.5", 10", 13", and 14.5".

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    • URX 4 Installation & History of the Rail System - Knight's Armament Titusville Trey Knight http://www.k...

    URX 4 Installation & History of the Rail System - Knight's Armament Titusville Trey Knight Trey Knight talks about the history of Knights Rails, and Jack Luba demonstrates installation of a Integrated Barrel Nut rail. URX 4: Knights newest rail in the URX family! Key features: Continuous top rail, free floating one piece design, 7 sided Keymod attachment points, and Integrated Barrel Nut. A full array of accessories are available, in addition to universal compatibility with the industry standard Keymod accessories. Knight's Armament was founded over 30 years ago as an R&D firm, specializing in products which met the needs of U.S. Special Operations troops. A foundation was laid which focused on providing highly efficient gear which solved real problems and functioned in an effective and intelligent manner. That same foundation is utilized today in the designing and manufacturing of our military weapon platforms. Every weapon that is offered in our Commercial and Law Enforcement lines is a direct modeling of those military platforms. The very same materials, machines, and personnel that go into the production of our military platforms are used in the production of these Commercial and Law Enforcement weapons. This means that the reputable consistency and reliability is available to everyone who handles a weapon from Knight's Armament Company. For more information please visit, contact your local dealer, or contact the Knight's Armament Sale's Team at or call 321.607.9900. Knight's Armament Co. 701 Columbia Blvd. Titusville, FL 32780