GG&G Spring Actuated Flip Up Front Sight (BUIS) For AR15 Dovetail Gas Blocks

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The New GG&G Spring Actuated Flip Up Front Sight is the latest evolution in our Flip Up Front Sight product line for the AR15 and M16 rifle family. With just a push of a button the front sight can quickly be deployed on target. With the introduction of the Spring Actuated A2 BUIS it was only a natural progression to provide our customers with a flip up front sight with the same features and benefits. The unique and proprietary design of the mechanism allows the actuator spring and mechanical components to be captivated and therefore not be open to environmental elements. The sight not only springs into an on target position with just the push of the actuator button, but it also locks solidly into the upright on target position. Another push of the button and the lock is released allowing you to set the sight into the locked down position. The sight cannot be folded down without depressing the actuator button located on the left side of the sight base. This totally eliminates the possibility of accidentally lowering the sight. With the actuator button located on the left side it can be easily operated with the off hand, leaving the fire control hand in the proper position. There are two models available, one to mount on dovetailed gas blocks, which provides the same command height as the original AR15/M16 front sight. The sight stem of this model folds forward so as to clear tactical forearms that would otherwise interfere with it folding rearward. The second model is specifically manufactured to the proper sight height for mounting on a tactical forearm. The sight for the tactical forearm will function well and co-witness when mounted to the tactical forearm of an AR10. The sight stem of this version folds rearward. Both sights can be co-witnessed with red dot optics. Installation is easy with the GG&G provided Allen wrench. To insure flexibility, we use standard military sight components in this combat ready sight. Both Models of The GG&G Spring Actuated Flip Up Front Sight are manufactured from solid 4140 billet chrome moly steel and are bead blasted and manganese phosphated to provide a non-reflective, corrosion resistant matte black finish meeting mil-spec requirements. All edges have been dehorned for the operators safety. As an option, a Trijicon Tritium Front Sight Post can be ordered with the sight. As with all products made by GG&G, our spring actuated sights are made in the USA at our factory in Tucson Arizona. Our tactical firearm accessories are used by police, SWAT, and members of the US military, so you can be assured that they will function in the most challenging environments and situations.