GG&G Set Of 30mm To One Inch Scope Ring Reducers

(You save $3.00 )

GG&G SET OF 30mm TO ONE INCH SCOPE RING REDUCERS Even though the trend has been towards rifle scopes with 30mm tubes, there are still a lot of high quality rifle scopes with one inch tubes in the marketplace. We have recently been getting a significant number of calls for a non-marring, 30mm to 1 inch scope ring reducer to fit 5/8 inch wide sniper grade 30mm scope rings, like the ones offered by GG&G seperately or as integral ring bases. To meet our customers requests, we decided to offer a 1 inch reducer to our customers manufactured from solid Delrin. Nothing fancy, just a rugged, non-marring, quality machined 1 inch ring insert that not only fits tight to your 1 inch scope, but is priced competively. As can be seen in the photos, the one inch insert has a recoil flange on one side that keeps the reducer in the correct position during installation and recoil.