CMC Triggers AR-15 Single Stage Drop In Trigger Group, Curved, 3.5 Lb.

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Trigger Pull Dynamics

A clean, crisp trigger release and 3.5 pound nominal pull weight. Key elements to any trigger group that allows the shooter's performance to meet the potential of the firearms.

CMC's drop-in AR-15 trigger modules are factory set to a nominal trigger pull weight of 3.5 pounds. To most people, a truly clean, crisp breaking trigger pull set at 3.5 lbs. seems much lighter.

Over-Travel & Take-up

These elements are critical to the overall performance of a world class shooter, but are also important to any shooter who wants to demonstrate precision shooting.

Unlike traditional AR-15 trigger groups, one of the most spectacular elements of the CMC AR-15 drop-in trigger modules is that tactical grade over-travel and take-up can be accomplished with geometry and without the need for screws or other moving parts. Sure, some people have different preferences, but due to the many years CMC's trigger modules have been in production and the many thousands sold, customer feedback has made us very confident that the design of these products is such that take-up and over-travel is right in the sweet spot for both. And it won't change because it's done with geometry on not moving parts that can come loose (usually at the worst time).

1. Every component of the CMC drop-in trigger modules maintain tolerances of +/- .001" (one thousandth of an inch) or less wherever two critical surfaces engage or interface. The same tolerances apply to each and every hole location.

2. Surface finish is critical for obtaining that magic "feel" that is absolutely necessary with a tactical grade Quality trigger group. It's not easy and takes of a lot of time to develop an effective, precision tooling setup for producing mirror finishes on the components with critical surfaces as are incorporated in the CMC trigger modules.


Which AR-15 Rifles Are Compatible – The CMC drop-in AR-15 trigger modules are designed to fit any lower receiver manufactured to be within the standard military specifications for nominal dimensions and tolerances, except Colts® with sear blocks.


1 Drop In Trigger Group, Pre-Assembled
2 Anti-Walk Pins
4 Screws
2 Torx Wrenches