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Aimpoint 3x Magnifier Kit With Twist Mount and Spacer

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    Aimpoint 3x Magnifier W/Twist Mount and Spacer

    Aimpoint® Philosophy

    When the time is critical to take the shot, there should be absolutely no question that you can count on your sight to perform. Aimpoint® stands behind the belief that a weapon sight must simplify aiming while simultaneously meeting the highest possible standards for reliability and ruggedness. Aimpoint® recognizes that conditions in the field place extreme demands on your equipment, so they design and test Aimpoint® products to specifically hold up to even the harshest conditions you are likely to encounter. Aimpoint® also designs products to operate constantly for years on a single battery so your sight will always be available and ready to go when duty calls.

    Aimpoint® History

    A small group of Swedish entrepreneurs in 1974 began to explore ways to improve shooting accuracy. Their goal was simple but ambitious: create a sighting technology that would allow shooters to acquire their target fast, and to precisely hit moving targets in all weather and lighting conditions consistently and accurately. These Swedish entrepreneurs had little idea that at the time that their invention, the Aimpoint® red dot sight, would change the shooting and hunting industry forever.

    The first Aimpoint® commercial sight product, the Aimpoint® Electronic, was introduced to the shooting and hunting market in 1975. Aimpoint® has continued to evolve the red dot sight over the past 40 years by working side by side with skilled hunters, marksmen and military weapon experts. Aimpoint® is now viewed and credited as the fastest, most rugged, and most efficient electronic small arms sighting system in the world. 2+ million hunters, sports shooting enthusiasts, police and military personnel rely on Aimpoint® sights around the world today for any application from CQB to the next big game hunt.

    Launched in 2005, the Aimpoint® 3x magnifying module is specially designed for compatibility with Aimpoint® sights and for maximum flexibility and increased performance in the field. This Aimpoint® module was designed for a multitude of applications. The 3XMag is a revolutionary tool for military personnel, law enforcement, sport shooters and hunters.

    Aimpoint 3x Magnifier W/Twist Mount and Spacer Product Details

    When combined with Aimpoint’s patented TwistMount, the 3XMag gives the user something never before possible – the ability to switch in a split second from CQB (Close Quarters Battle) to semi-sniping and vice versa. The Aimpoint® patented TwistMount eliminates the hassle of transitioning from magnifying to non-magnifying.  Hunters can also rapidly switch from non-magnifying to magnifying while still being able to keep their Aimpoint® sight on their firearm. This unique feature leads to a more satisfying hunt by being able to track game on the run with ease. Target identification and engagement for any application is enhanced with this magnifier. The versatile 3XMag also can be used as a handheld magnifying glass monocular for discrete observation and identification.

    The recommended mount for the 3XMag is the Aimpoint® TwistMount, which allows for quick attachment and detachment. This Aimpoint® patented mounting system takes versatility to the next level for target identification and engagement. The Aimpoint® TwistMount fits any MIL-Std 1913 Picatinny Rail.  TwistMount and spacer are included in this package.


    Unique features

    • Mountable on a picatinny rail system behind Aimpoint® sights

    • Extremely fast and ingenious mounting solution (TwistMount - Picatinny)

    • Can also be mounted with a regular 30 mm ring

    • Provides extended range to the operator for quicker target identification and engagement

    • Combines the best of two worlds – CQB & semi-sniping

    • Increases confidence, performance and flexibility during target identification

    • No influence on point of impact – No need for re-zeroing the sight

    • Doubles as handheld magnifying monocular for low-profile observation and identification



    System Magnifying Module
    Magnification 3X
    Eye relief at 5° FOV 40 – 90 mm at full FOV 60 – 65 mm
    Reticle, size - N/A
    Optical coating - N/A
    Battery Type - N/A
    Battery Life, typical** - N/A
    Switch, dot brightness - N/A
    Material housing Aluminum
    Surface finish Anodized aluminum, dark grey, rubber covered black
    Material lens covers - N/A
    Adjustment - N/A
    Mounting The 3XMag is provided with a 30 mm diameter tube (for mounting) and with 4 screw holes in the bottom surface for other mounting alternatives.
    Length 110 mm (4.3")
    Width/height 44x41 mm (1.7" x 1.6")
    Ring width 30 mm
    Weight 200 g (7.1 ounces) including rubber cover
    Temperature Range -45° C - 70° C in operation and storage
    Water resistance 20 meters (67 ft)
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